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Partner Spotlight – Critz Farms Brewing & Cider Co.

Partner Spotlight – Critz Farms Brewing & Cider Co.

A long standing fixture of the Cazenovia agri-tourism scene, the Critz farms started more than 30 years ago. The family farm started with Christmas trees, then expanding to pumpkins in 1999 in response to expanding customer demand. From then the modest 120 acre blossomed into 350+ acres, encompassing an orchard, play area, maple groves, and gain fields, hope bines, and much more. Most of the ingredients used int the cider and brewery are grown right there on the farm, and lend the flavors you can only find here in Central New York.

In 2011 they added a winery license, though not to make wine. While New York State does not have a license that covers hard cider, the state determined that the cider can be produced under a winery license. So Harvest Moon Cidery was born, focusing on the craft that can only be produced with their small batch system, centered around their 1890’s Booner & Boschert cider press.

In 2015, following the craft beer boom from the 2012 Farm Brewery Bill, the brewery was
officially opened. Their very own malted barley, Critz Farms Pale Malt, provides the base malt for every beer. Locally sourced hops supplement their own hop yard, which produced its first harvest in Fall 2016. Even the brewing water is drawn directly from the onsite well and filtered.

The Team:

Juanita Critz

Owner and Director
Juanita’s holds degrees in education from Cazenovia College and Syracuse University. She
came to farming while balancing motherhood and a teaching career. Her love of children helps drive her commitment to developing educational and family friendly agritourism activities for farm visitors. Outside of work, she enjoys beach time and hanging out with her family.

Matthew Critz

Owner and President
An engineer by training and an entrepreneur at heart, Matthew has built Critz Farms as a
reflection of his passions. After earning his BS at SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry at SU, Matthew started farming Christmas trees and branched out from there. Matthew enjoys reading and traveling in his down time.

Patrick Allen

Farm Manager
Having grown up on the farm, Patrick has firsthand knowledge of all that it takes to keep things going. He loves working outdoors and skillfully manages the diverse day to day challenges of farming and the beverage industry. Patrick is also a multi-instrument musician and has incorporated his passion for music and craft beer into our latest farm ventures.

Keith Lindner

Head Brewer
Keith got his start as a home brewer before coming to Critz Farms. He holds a PhD in
Geography from Syracuse University, plays bass guitar, and is a husband and father. Three years in Colorado helped him develop a taste for craft beers of all kinds, especially west coast-style IPAs. Brewing great beer is truly his passion.