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Partner Spotlight – Immersive Brewing University

Partner Spotlight – Immersive Brewing University

IBU is the brainchild of Michael Mintier, a Syracuse transplant that has been brewing for the last decade (when he was not traveling for work). Combining his love of building, brewing, and learning Michael decided to combine the love of teaching (nicknamed “Captain Science”) with a traditional microbrewery. In doing so he created a create a community space where people can come to learn, brew, and enjoy a few.

Mike began brewing in 2002 under the guidance of Saul Kleinberg, owner of the new Griffin Hill Farm Brewery, in Onondaga, New York. He instantly fell in love with the art of the brewing and brewed constantly, while he wasn’t working his day job, as an engineer. He began to seek out more information to improve his process as a homebrewer, as his training had drilled into him. The only books available though were mostly dull and dry, lacking the art and intuition that is so key to brewing. He longed for classes which would teach him a using hands-on approach. This is where the idea for IBU Brewing was born: offer homebrewers the opportunity to learn about the process of brewing with other people in a hands-on atmosphere, from experts in each discipline, and get that introduction without the commitment to purchase the equipment first.

His wife, Lauren, encouraged him to open the brewery after years of dreaming. Mikeapprenticed on the Gordon-Biersch system to learn professional brewing and built a lasting friendship with many brewers and other people in the industry. In 2016 the brewery opened its doors, serving and educating the thirsty patrons of Syracuse!